Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Establishment Wins; Illinois Loses

by Kenneth Prazak

Two bills in the Illinois legislature that are central to the beginnings of a freedom renaissance in Illinois have just been defeated in the Illinois House, giving rise to the dreadful fact that Illinois is broke, broke in so many ways, not only financial broke, but even more pathetically, broke in the spirit of freedom. 

Both sides of the political power parties, the Democrats and Republicans contributed to this dreadful demise of freedom, given rise to the notion that only a third party, specifically the Libertarian Party, can give hope to any Illinois citizen whose value system supports liberty at the apex.

HB148, the tepid Conceal Carry Law introduced by downstate Democrat Brandon Phelps, won a majority vote a week ago, but failed to get the super-majority 71 votes needed for passage, which was also needed to override Governor Quinn’s certain veto. Evidently the Chicago Machine is still potent in its ability to twist arms as at least one representative from Chicago changed her support of Conceal Carry and voted, no.

The other nail into the coffin of Illinois liberty came a week ago in the name of the Medical Marijuana Bill, HB 30, this time the House Republicans becoming the main culprits despite the fact that Republican House minority leader, Tom Cross, for the first time came out in support of the bill. Evidently he has little sway with his Republican colleagues. The bill sponsor, Democrat Lou Lang, of Skokie, vows to try again this session, being only two votes short of passage. Hope reigns eternal.

So it is that Illinois politicians collectively care little about life or health of its fellow citizens caring more about the industries that have been built up surrounding gun restriction and drug war machinations.

Countless victims succumb to gun crime on the street. The criminals care less about the laws; law abiding citizens are sittin’ ducks. The ironic tragedy is that those who care most about abiding the law are the most obvious victims.

Others die of lack of nutrition as a result of appetite loss from cancer chemotherapy, or go blind from glaucoma, ailments that, among others, only marijuana can help.

The great experiment that was America, although far from perfect, was an experiment in individual freedom and personal responsibility, the likes of which the world had never seen. With the obvious exceptions of historically discriminated groups, she became the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. Not because of great natural resources, great human stock, but because of a philosophy of freedom that has brought out the best in man. 

And now we are reduced to being denied “permission” from power-hungry politicians to protect ourselves, to bear arms as citizens of 48 other states can do; and languish with disease that nature can relieve by ingesting an herb from a plant that has more beneficial uses than any other plant on earth. Or one can take action and violate the unconstitutional laws that take away our rights to defend ourselves or heal ourselves. These restrictive laws are policies of which good-conscience freedom lovers should be ashamed.

The Libertarian Party of Illinois stands firm in its support of these natural rights of man. We will fight to get these mild laws passed and then fight again to fully restore the rights of free Americans. The only hope for restoring (and fully realizing for everyone) true freedom to our land is the libertarian philosophy. And here in Illinois, the only viable political vehicle in which to do so is the Libertarian Party of Illinois.