Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Beacon of Hope

The hope of a welcoming solstice light,
as it shines in a measured renewal glimmer,
begins to heal the pain of darkness blight,
That tunneled view of venerated power.

Of tasered taunts by uniformed thugs,
Swat-team terror with innocents slaughtered,
militarized mopes with unbridled mugs,
Licensed warriors swapped for freedom, long bartered,
To process terror and drug wars, unchartered.

This cognitive dissonant view of life,
to be free to choose via only permission,
Pervades so many-- this dark- side plight,
a conquered class by prejudiced division.

Forbidden plots on front yard lots,
raw milk supplied, by the authorities denied,
a lemonade stand, summarily banned,
vitamin shops, shuttered by cops,
feeding the poor, no longer du jour,
paper guns rendered, then children suspended.

But now a new media illuminates oppression,
Filtered no longer by puppeteered hacks,
Pandora’s web with lightning propulsion,
Exposes the truth that the Establishment lacks.

This celebrated season of hope, love and peace,
lights up a renaissance, a universal release,
where licensed aggression may one day cease,
burst from the dark clouds which stifled so sleepily,
The beacon of truth shines ever so brightly.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, and a hopeful, loving, peaceful and freedom- filled new year.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"We, the Government?"

“We are the government.” I am amazed that so many progressives still seem to really believe that. They love to use that phrase when justifying transfer payments from private individuals through the government to those in need. In other areas of concern, not so much. Have they really thought all this through?

After hearing the phrase, “We are the government,” ad nauseum from progressive types, I feel compelled finally to respond in a more complete manner than to just shake my head in despair.

Forget, for a moment, the dearth of logic implicit in the Rousseauian social “contract” that supposedly binds us all in a collective bond where individual choice on whether or not to make that contract is no choice at all– a glaring disparity from what is taught in Contract Law 101. According to those supporting the concept, we are born with that contract. I suppose if people believe they can be born with original sin, then it is not too far off the logic meter to fall for the social contract myth, too.

But even buying into the social contract concept requires one to believe that an open and fair democratic process takes place by we, the people, so that we can make our collective decisions on the public policies of the day. Of course, in America that is a farce. To run as an independent or “third party” candidate requires one to jump over huge purposefully high hurdles, put there by the ruling elite to keep themselves the ruling elite. Here in Illinois it takes as much as ten times or more signatures to get on the ballot compared to the ruling elite parties. That, in and of itself, nullifies any validity to the claim that “we are the government.”

But disregarding that trumping point, too, one must still take the following into account. If we are the government, then it follows that we must take responsibility for all the decisions made by government, and for all of the ramifications.

Progressives, are you ready to take full responsibility for:

the pitiful conditions of Indian reservations;
the disgrace that is public housing;
the power we, the government, have given to government to indefinitely detain American citizens;
the act of assassinating American citizens;
the insurmountable debt laid upon our children, grandchildren and posterity;
the swat team raiding of vitamin stores;
the swat team raiding of raw milk producers;
the swat team raiding by the Dept. of Education on those who have defaulted on their student loans;
the illegality of feeding the poor in many municipalities;
the swat team murdering of innocents, slaughtered because mistaken identification, wrong address or wrongful entry;
the unpunished murdering of the mentally ill by today’s militarized cops;
the killing of tens of thousands of innocents in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen via drone attacks;
the half million women and children dead in Iraq because of economic sanctions imposed by the US;
the killing of eagles because of the use of subsidized windmills;
the tasering of children;
the bombing of innocents in Dresden, Viet Nam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I have merely scratched the surface. If one really believes, in the concept that “we are the government” then it naturally follows that any acts by government are the responsibility of “we, the people.” That is quite a cross to bear. Really, an unbearable one. It would be hard to truly take responsibility for all this. I think I would shoot myself. How could any sane, moral person really stand up to this burden? The reality is, one can’t; one doesn’t. The concept of “we, the people, are the government” is a sham. And I believe progressives deep down in their hearts know it. It is only a rhetorical tool to try to convince others and themselves that the government actions that they support are justified by some magical wave of the wand over-ruling the non-aggression principle–as if actions by government are given a special dispensation to the moral law.

But in reality, there are no dispensations to the moral law. If there were, it wouldn’t be moral.
It would be sophistry. And that is what it is.


I suppose this is late, but here goes anyway.

I am thankful for those who fight for freedom, in every way--

for those scholars who publish reasoned, cogent and persuasive arguments;
for those scholars who educate our future freedom fighters;
for the modern-day Patrick Henrys who are willing to fight in defense of the natural right;
for the organizers who put together action furthering the goal in a practical and effective manner;
for the true journalists who inform us the happenings and the trends–for good and ill;
for the activist who writes, preaches, demonstrates, petitions, and leaflets for the cause;
for the individual who promotes freedom and non-aggression by the virtue of living its principles;
for those who challenge every unjust law at every step at every court appearance;
for those who run for office in order to strengthen the cause;
for those who consciously rebuke the political apparatus in order to not sanction the process of force;
for the novelist who brings these noble ideas to a general audience;
for the film maker who brings those novels to film;
for the film maker who transfers the great wealth of information from scholars and journalists into a documentary form;
for the petition signers;
for those who lend moral support for the cause;
for those who practice civil disobedience to unjust laws;
for those public interest law firms who support those fighting tyranny;
for all of those photographing and filming abuse from government and “law” enforcement;
for those in the information and social media disseminating information here-to-fore unknown but to a few;
for the fundraisers and benefactors to the cause;
for the cartoonists, musicians and other artists promoting the cause;
for all of those spending their time fighting for the cause of freedom, and not wasting their time and ours putting down those who choose a different path than they do.

I am not thankful for those who:

stick their heads in the sand, who would rather be ignorant than informed;
purposefully impose their political and social constructs on others through the use of force;
believe might makes right;
consider themselves arresting officer, judge, jury and executioner all in one–all at the time of arrest;
wish to impose their religious views on others through the use of force;
who think that force is okay as long as it is wielded by “our side”.
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Day the Neocons Died (sung to the tune of “American Pie”)

Just a short while ago,
we were ruled by such a heavy hand,
the prez claimed things reserved but to ancient kings,
It brought on us such a strain,
When he took the power to detain,
Citizens forever, a naked tyrant’s claim.
Our lives were most fully owned,
by a ruling class who must atone,
For claiming absolute power,
But Rand Paul didn’t cower,
Challenge he did with a simple tone,
to stop the threat of hellfire drones,
That filibuster struck so deep inside,
The day the neocons died.

So bye, bye, American Empire,
Take your tasers and your lasers and shove it inside,
Your hellfire missiles, and your media lies,
Singin’ this day the neocons died,
This day the neocons died.

Did you read that book of reason,
from that Remington Rand, some thought as treason,
To never aggress except in defense,
Did your human action make the scene,
you’re free to choose the American dream,
as we forge a new liberty.
It now has become quite crystal clear,
The rummies of neocon wars and fear,
And wolves of which trade on terror plots
Are extinct now, oh, those sorry lots.
We were glued to the Cspan II viewing screen,
As Rand took the stand with a liberty theme,
The filibuster struck so deep inside,
The day the neocons died.

Singin’ bye, bye, American Empire,
Take your tasers and your lasers and shove it inside,
Your hellfire missiles, and your media lies,
Singin’, this day the neocons died,
This day the neocons died.

Now Lindsey and John, with their tantrum rants,
join the Rupert lackeys and his sycophants,
With dying gasps as their cries just fade away,
Meanwhile, the burgeoning source of news,
From the twitterverse and the Facebook tools,
the world wide web heralds in a liberty tune,
But usurpers and co-optors lurk in the wings,
Ready to redirect the liberty strain,
Beware these rubes without substance,
For the price is eternal vigilance.
Pundits changed their hats so super quick,
Rush not to the hand it is super slick,
The filibuster struck so deep inside,
The day the neocons died.

Singin’ bye, bye, American Empire,
Take your tasers and your lasers and shove it inside,
Your hellfire missiles, and your media lies,
Singin’, this day the neocons died,
This day the neocons died.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cell Phone Ban Doesn’t Go Far Enough

I see that the Illinois House, in their continuing quest to keep us all as safe as a child in a pro-life mother’s womb, has passed a bill that would prohibit driving with hand held cell phones anywhere in the state of Illinois. I sure appreciate their concern for my safety while behind the wheel driving, but I‘ve been thinking about that for awhile and have decided that our venerable politicians have been somewhat derelict in their duty this time round. Certainly the bill doesn’t go far enough.

Not being the expert in highway safety as our diligent representatives in Springfield are, I, nonetheless, have been able to come up with my modest proposal to improve on this august legislation.

It appears to me that talking on the phone has to be one of the least distracting things done while people are driving compared to other venalities. Listening to the radio can certainly distract the driver, especially with those sub-woofer boom boxes reverberating in the back seat. As melodious as such music is to our ears, I am sure everyone agrees that safety must comes first and rap must take the rap. If we can save just one child, . . . Let’s just ban music systems all together. After all, it’s for the children.

And while we are at it, there are many other activities that must be verboten. Eating certainly distracts more than cell phone use. Heck, I like to munch down a Chicago dog as much as the next guy. But let’s get with the program. Those Chicago dogs in Springfield need to take another look at eating in the car, instead of them eating up our pocket books with incessant profligate spending. We must ban eating while driving. And needless to say, no exception can be made; donuts will also have to be proscribed. I know this will involve fighting the great pressure from the law enforcement unions, but now is the time to remain strong.

And who hasn’t seen women (and some men) distracted while farding. Farding is quite the hazard. Applying makeup to the face while driving puts us all in dire jeopardy. So farding must be prohibited.

Come to think of it, conversations can be very distracting while driving, especially carrying on with those in the back seat. Banning this has the added bonus of banning backseat drivers at the same time. And while we’re at it, beating on the children in the back seat, I know, lifelong sport for some, will also have to go. You can’t keep those hands on ten and two while walloping your children now can you?

I wouldn’t know about this next point personally, but I have heard told, in the past, from truck driver reports, of certain sexual activity being performed on one while driving. I’m sure we can agree that this could climax into a serious accident. Let’s add that to the list.

I’m sure I have just scratched the surface. But maybe this list will help keep our politicians in Springfield attune to the job at hand. I wouldn’t want to go too far yet, but let us keep in mind the ultimate goal is ultimate safety, from cradle to grave security wrapped in the beneficent arms of our caring politicians. With that in mind, let us look forward to the ultimate goal of just down-right banning automobiles, thereby saving tens of thousands of lives every year. Who is ready to invest in the plastic bubble cocoon industry with me? Any takers?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“The Police State” Brought to you by . . .

So now it happens that Cook County (for those of you outside of Illinois, better known as Crook County) has a corporate sponsor for the real estate tax bills sent out. The ad is right there on the tax bill. Chase Bank is offering a $!00 savings on who knows what. Wouldn’t want to waste my time finding out. My first reaction was, Well, now fascism has no shame. It’s right in the open. But some of my libertarian colleagues see nothing wrong. After all, this is saving taxpayers money holding down the mailing costs. But the marriage is insidious. If you look at the long run, how the marriage of big corporations and government has snuffed out the small businessman, especially at the state level where the big boys are given the tax breaks and everyone else has to make up the difference, by allowing this to happen, one is basically waving the white flag. We will never get to have equal opportunity under the law as long as this type of thing is allowed. Enforcing the 14th Amendment would go much further in reducing our taxes than an advertised corporate mailing does.

But I do see the trend. Not in the too distant future, . . .

Swat-team raid funded by the GEO Group, the leader in private prison administration. “Constitution? We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.”

Front yard gardening citation sponsored by Scotts. Green lawns, forever. “Bastions of sameness--It’s the American way.”

Your income tax bill sponsored by H&R Block. “Compliance is a virtue.”

Prison Tortures Reality TV, brought to you by Erotic Leathers, Inc.

"Public Education": Molding students to obedience, compliance and dutiful citizenship since 1642, brought to you by the National Federation of School Boards, with additional sponsorship by the NEA.

Domestic drone attacks sponsored by Northrup Grumman “Because there is a potential terrorist lurking behind every rock.”

This five-mile backup brought to you by the Road Construction Guild of America. Stimulizing America. “You want jobs? We got jobs!”

This limited gun confiscation sponsored by the Brady Center. “Don’t worry. It’ll never happen here.”

“Middle East Bombings, Live!”sponsored by the Military Industrial Complex, Dick Cheney, honorary chairman, hosted by Charles Krauthammer.

Red light ticket citations backed by American Traffic Solutions, your source for red light surveillance since 1984. “You’re on candid camera!”

This Excessive Energy Use citation sponsored by Solar Solutions, Inc. “Who said you can’t tax the sun?”

Uninsured motorist citation sponsored by State Farm Insurance. “State farms were a great idea, State farm Insurance even better.”

“Public Canings of Recalcitrant Teens” brought to you by the Imperial Cane and Strap Co., makers of the finest rattan canes imported from Singapore, when flexibility and sturdiness are required for maximum effect. Tested by the Saint Catherine’s Sisters of the Poor Convent.

Mandatory yearly vaccinations sponsored by the Big Pharma Guild.. FDA Approved,. Liability exempted. “It’s for your own good.”

This printing-press run brought to you by Goldman Sachs. “We know bailouts.”

Dutiful Evaluation of the Aged in Terminal Health (DEATH) Panel, formulated by the Heritage Foundation, Romney/Obama sub group, “After all, you’ve already had a wonderful life.”

As this all becomes reality, we might as well bring this idea to full fruition. As some have already observed, here is an idea whose time has come: mandatory Nascar-style jackets worn by all elected politicians sporting the brands to which they are all beholden. Oh, what a lovely sport.