Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I suppose this is late, but here goes anyway.

I am thankful for those who fight for freedom, in every way--

for those scholars who publish reasoned, cogent and persuasive arguments;
for those scholars who educate our future freedom fighters;
for the modern-day Patrick Henrys who are willing to fight in defense of the natural right;
for the organizers who put together action furthering the goal in a practical and effective manner;
for the true journalists who inform us the happenings and the trends–for good and ill;
for the activist who writes, preaches, demonstrates, petitions, and leaflets for the cause;
for the individual who promotes freedom and non-aggression by the virtue of living its principles;
for those who challenge every unjust law at every step at every court appearance;
for those who run for office in order to strengthen the cause;
for those who consciously rebuke the political apparatus in order to not sanction the process of force;
for the novelist who brings these noble ideas to a general audience;
for the film maker who brings those novels to film;
for the film maker who transfers the great wealth of information from scholars and journalists into a documentary form;
for the petition signers;
for those who lend moral support for the cause;
for those who practice civil disobedience to unjust laws;
for those public interest law firms who support those fighting tyranny;
for all of those photographing and filming abuse from government and “law” enforcement;
for those in the information and social media disseminating information here-to-fore unknown but to a few;
for the fundraisers and benefactors to the cause;
for the cartoonists, musicians and other artists promoting the cause;
for all of those spending their time fighting for the cause of freedom, and not wasting their time and ours putting down those who choose a different path than they do.

I am not thankful for those who:

stick their heads in the sand, who would rather be ignorant than informed;
purposefully impose their political and social constructs on others through the use of force;
believe might makes right;
consider themselves arresting officer, judge, jury and executioner all in one–all at the time of arrest;
wish to impose their religious views on others through the use of force;
who think that force is okay as long as it is wielded by “our side”.
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