Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Beacon of Hope

The hope of a welcoming solstice light,
as it shines in a measured renewal glimmer,
begins to heal the pain of darkness blight,
That tunneled view of venerated power.

Of tasered taunts by uniformed thugs,
Swat-team terror with innocents slaughtered,
militarized mopes with unbridled mugs,
Licensed warriors swapped for freedom, long bartered,
To process terror and drug wars, unchartered.

This cognitive dissonant view of life,
to be free to choose via only permission,
Pervades so many-- this dark- side plight,
a conquered class by prejudiced division.

Forbidden plots on front yard lots,
raw milk supplied, by the authorities denied,
a lemonade stand, summarily banned,
vitamin shops, shuttered by cops,
feeding the poor, no longer du jour,
paper guns rendered, then children suspended.

But now a new media illuminates oppression,
Filtered no longer by puppeteered hacks,
Pandora’s web with lightning propulsion,
Exposes the truth that the Establishment lacks.

This celebrated season of hope, love and peace,
lights up a renaissance, a universal release,
where licensed aggression may one day cease,
burst from the dark clouds which stifled so sleepily,
The beacon of truth shines ever so brightly.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, and a hopeful, loving, peaceful and freedom- filled new year.

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